December 2021: Manifesting… What’s the Trick?

Follow your sense of wonder.

Since writing my last blog post about taking your fears and transforming them into positive statements of  “What ifs,” I’ve run into a handful of people who were going to experiment with taking their anxieties and making them “what ifs.” But, is there a trick to making it happen? 

I have learned that change happens by following your sense of wonder. This means being open to literally whatever catches your attention and running with it.  In this way, the choice of living by intuition is an immersion in desire through the act of listening, being hopeful, and staying patient. You must be fully invested in body, mind, and soul to create.  Any half-heartedness creates obstacles.  

I’m going to be very open about  some of the many things I did to manifest finding the love of my life and hope it inspires you to think outside the box about things you can do to manifest whatever your heart desires. 

I’ve mentioned before that I had an internal panic when I turned forty because I just thought that, by default, that special someone would have already shown up.  After going through a rough patch of being upset about my situation, I decided I would do whatever I could to manifest this dream.  

The first thing I do when I want to create something is to start looking to the universe for clues. It’s like a game of “find it.” What will I find next to lead me to my dream? Will I speak to someone? Will I read something? Will I find inspiration in an email? Will I hear it in a podcast or in a video?  I never know the answers until I open myself up, but what I do know is that I have to be ready for all opportunities that might lead me to my dream.  

Books have always been an outlet for me, a way for me to find my way.  So, one of the first manifesting tools I was led to were books. I read any book that I thought would be helpful for attracting a compatible partner. I picked those books up any time I was feeling frustrated and realigned my energy to be hopeful. I would often do this at night before drifting off to sleep.  

Next, I signed up for at least three dating apps -even though I hate dating apps- and decided it didn’t matter what I didn’t like, I had to do what my grandma always said, “Throw enough sh-t against the wall and somethings gotta stick.”


I spoke with a love coach. Yes, they exist.  I came across this love coach’s info and spoke with her,  getting suggestions on how I could redirect my energy. I took her advice about making sure I embraced my loving and feminine energy each day.  On days I didn’t feel outgoing or was depleted, I’d usually just throw on something casual, but even on these days, I made sure to be intentional about my presentation. This helped me remember my goals, create a vibe within myself, and project it to the world.  

I met with matchmakers. Despite my skepticism for dating apps, I find matchmakers tell it like it is and they don’t always say what you want to hear.  I resisted the feeling of not wanting to be judged by them and decided to just let them judge. I was looking for the right man.  

I told people I knew and trusted that I was looking for love and that I wanted to start a family. Having these discussions with more people than my usual small circle was very unlike me. I decided I was in an urgent manifesting state and had no time for shame or embarrassment: I had to put the word out to whomever I trusted.  I was going to do everything in my power to manifest my dream even if it made me feel uncomfortable.  

Through all of these steps, I was vulnerable, but I was also immersing myself in desire through the act of listening, being hopeful, and staying patient. I’m glad I did, because then, in the midst of a usual day, I got a text from a friend asking if they could give my number to a really nice guy. I said “Sure,” and didn’t allow myself to think anything of it.  Two months later, I got a text from the guy. I was in no rush to return his text because I was in the middle of a busy day.  I did respond to him at the urging of the person who gave him my number. Eventually, this man ended up being my husband. 

Can I prove that my manifesting energy created this union? Perhaps I cannot prove it, but I know that everything I did led up to this introduction, so I would have to say yes: my manifesting energy created this opportunity. Throughout this whole process, I was open; I was not half-hearted. I let the universe lead the way. I trusted, I hoped, and I used books or whatever resource I needed to keep my mindset positive. 

All of these things were mind, body, and soul work. Whatever your goals, whether it be long term or even for the upcoming new year, you can do the same.  There’s no downside to using all of your manifesting energy for one thing.  The trick is- pay attention and let the universe lead the way.