September ’23: Get Grounded and Let Your Life Flow

Grounding.  It’s almost fall and there are so many opportunities to ground yourself.  It’s important for everyone.  Why? Because it allows life to flow. It helps people feel balanced and centered, and that brings positive outcomes.  

How do you know when you are grounded?  I know it because my voice becomes slower. I can easily make decisions, and I know what I want to do first.  This ultimately allows my day to run smoothly. I’ve also noticed that when I’m grounded, my child is more easily grounded. 

Similarly, we should be able to detect when we are feeling ungrounded.  For me, it’s the opposite of those above: my voice becomes faster.  I struggle to make a decision.  I can’t decide what I want to do first. One can easily know they aren’t grounded if they are going in circles in their head about something. 

Another sign you are ungrounded is not knowing where you put things.  You are doing things unconsciously and aren’t present with yourself when this happens.  It’s so easy to do.  

Unfortunately, It’s easy for me to get ungrounded because I’m naturally a thinker and can really get stuck in my head.  Being a mom also has put a spotlight on when I am and am not grounded, because you can’t” turn off” as a parent. Any moment you aren’t present is pretty clear, because a child forces you to be present.  

The good news is, over the years, I have learned enough about myself so that  it can just as easily get myself grounded again.   

So how do you ground yourself? I think the experts have always recommended going outside. Stop the run around by literally running.  Walking is personally my favorite way to ground.  This is one reason that I love city life so much. Another popular way is to meditate.  I have tried this on and off for many years.  I go through stretches of regularly meditating, and then I just get busy and the habit falls to the side.  It can be challenging to find an extra ten minutes a day to meditate.  Is it worth it?  It depends on you. This year has been full of a lot of movement and I have found that taking just 5 minutes a day to meditate helps me a great deal. When I don’t take just five minutes to meditate, I can tell. It’s like taking a vitamin.  It recalibrates me.  

To get yourself grounded, you first have to figure out you. We all have different experiences, preferences, abilities, and biology. Some people meditate through other movement practices: going for a run, a ride on a bike, or the walk I mentioned. 

If you haven’t focused on grounding yourself, my spirit is telling me to remind you to give it a try. We are all different, so learn to identify when you are and aren’t grounded and experiment with ways that ground you. Happy grounding. Now, I think I’ll head to the beach for some more grounding while I still can…..:)