January ’23: Live Courageously, One Day at a Time

How to live courageously one day at a time: Follow your gut, listen to your intuition. Live by your intuition.” 

The phrase sounds magical.  And it ultimately can be, but living by your intuition on a daily basis can also be downright scary.  If you are doing it right, you are taking what doesn’t make sense to the reasoning mind and just going with it.  I can promise you from experience, it does become less scary as you do it more and more, because you trust in the process.  However, it doesn’t make it any less concerning.  

I’m sitting here taking a break in mid- Dec. with holiday music playing, right before the holidays start, packing up our apt.  We are moving.  Does this make any logistical sense at this time of year to move other than our lease is up?  No.  I told my husband, I don’t want to extend the lease, it’s time to go, get a new place. He pleaded with me, “Can’t we just wait until after the holidays?”  I insisted that it was time to keep moving, along with other things that are moving in our life.  When I have push back in my life, I listen and I observe. To me, that is the universe speaking.  Things should flow and when they don’t, I think more than twice.  So, onward we go, in the middle of a holiday season like a tornado that picks up our things and drops us somewhere new.  

Just yesterday, with boxes lining the walls, I walked out to our kitchen to find our sink overflowing with sewage which had seeped all over our floors and into our office.  Things had to get thrown out and the smell is still sitting in the crevices of the wood floors.  I looked at that and said, thanks Universe. I don’t need any more confirmation that the decision to move was the right one.  Now, I will have to trust once again that the universe will lead us in the right direction for the highest good of all.  

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions.  I’m definitely one for writing down goals, just not at one single calendar event.  I like to write all year. 

This year, though, I will make a resolution: to live by spirit or my intuition no matter what, (whichever you prefer to call it) and to not worry about doing so.  At this point, I know I’ve become pretty good at doing this;time and time again it is clear that  I have what feels like an entire army of angels, guides, and spirits watching over.  It’s a little more tricky when you have a family because it’s not just you who is affected.  Instead, I look at it as how the effect can be that much more positively impactful because more people are involved.  My wish is that others live by their spirit in this new year, as well.  That even when it feels scary to do so because “it doesn’t make sense” to the logical mind, it actually makes the most sense, for your heart.  Ultimately, it takes courage.  Be courageous. Practice courage on a daily basis by asking yourself what your head is telling you vs. what your heart is telling you and see what manifests when you choose the latter. I have a very strong hunch, one result will be more courage.  

Now excuse me, I have to get back to packing.  🙂