11:11:11 – Master number in Numerology

Set your intentions today because 11:11:11 is very significant in Numerology.   That is, in Numerology the number “11” is the master number, it is the teacher.  As of yesterday 4 planets that were retrograde (which results in people feeling stuck and nothing moving) were released by the full moon.  Therefore, you should feel relief as of today from the stagnation these 4 planets were creating.  According to Chinese numerology today(11:11:11) you need to focus on living the authentic life you are meant to live.  It is a transformative date: the merging of the spiritual and material world.  So, monitor your thoughts, feelings, words and beliefs because it sets the groundwork for many years to come.

“11” stands for multiple things, some being:

  •  Partnerships – not just romantic, but more so collaborating with others.  People are going to turn away from competitiveness and create opportunities together.  
  • Your Intuitive- the “11” are pillars and in between those pillars is the ability for each of us to access that invisible truth(intuition).  People are going to use their intuition more which will result in more creativity.
  • 11+11+11=33= 3+3=6 .  6 is the number of healing and creativity within ones self.  Meaning, from that creativity which it stands for (that people will be accessing more readily), ultimately healing will occur within people.  
Whether you believe in numerology or not, it never hurts to monitor your thoughts for the day and think positively. Again, if you feel that there is some truth in these things, be especially clear TODAY about your intentions to create the life that is authentically yours (meaning one that emphasizes your intuition which feeds your spirit and ultimately results in your giving an contributing to others).  Happy manifesting.