46,000 word count & to Italy.

I’ve been working on my first novel for longer than I want to admit.  Writing a first novel is tough. My first book was nonfiction.  Fiction is a whole other game.  As much as I wish I was finished yesterday, I know I can’t rush the process.  I hit 40,000 words last night and that made me feel like I was reaching the homestretch. A novel is typically at least 46,000 words.  I’m up to 41,000 today and hoping I can get myself to the 46,000 mark before I leave for Italy.

They say its best to have a schedule for your writing.  I’m not always great with schedules when it comes to writing. When something comes to me I just want to write no matter what schedule or time it is.  Consequently, this week has been all over the place with my sleeping schedule.  I’m not sure how this is going to set me up for the six hour time difference I’m about to experience, but I’m sure I’ll survive.