MayaBags “Glyph” Hobo

MayaBags “glyph” hobo is one of my favorite bags.  It’s made of hemp with either the bamboo handle or the hemp handle(right) with different embroidery image options.  You choose. They retail for $310. and a reminder that it’s supporting the MayaBags business which is partially owned by the Maya women in Southern Belize.  You can find more info. on them by either going to or emailing me at

Sunday afternoon in Union Square

Union Square is always busy with the farmers market, artists displaying their work and whatever else you run into.   I’m constantly walking through it because I live right nearby.  I ran to Whole Foods to pick up groceries for dinner Sunday afternoon and on the way back I stopped to listen to this Cellist that was playing.  There’s always something different going on in New York wherever you may look.

Sportsbar I will actually step foot in: Ainsworth

Okay ladies, I never go to sportsbars. I know, I probably should because I’m single and it’s one way to meet guys, but I just would rather not because its not my thing.  For the record, I can be stubborn about some things.  But, being that it was the opening of the Olympic Games XXX a few of my girlfriends and I decided we would meet up to watch the ceremonies and have some drinks, so a sportsbar was in order.  The first one we went to was a big “No”, but after regrouping we headed straight to The Ainsworth on W26th Street.  This place I could handle.  It was super loud, but it is a sportsbar, so that is part of the territory .  If there are any major sporting events in the future that I want to watch out with friends, this will definitely be on the list again for consideration.  Check it out.

Marie Forleo – keeps it real

I recently discovered Marie Forleo from a Facebook link that someone posted and she is definitely quirky (which is always fun), but most of all I appreciate that she is a “keep it real” kind of lady. I thought her video post yesterday was great.  It was a discussion about the road to living your life with passion and reaching your goals. I’m still on that road, so I loved this video.  I hope you’ve reached your destination already of accomplishing your goals, but if not, I think you will find some great info. in this video too.  Enjoy.