Axe Your Anxiety

Want Magnificence?  Then you have to get rid of this.


How often do you use the word afraid in your daily life?  Do you find yourself thinking, “I’m afraid or concerned this or that might happen…” ?

It’s a theme that keeps popping up more often than I am used to these days, whether it be in my own personal life or the lives of others around me. The thinker I am wants to know, why is this word so prevalent right now, and what can I learn from the fear? On a soul level, I reason that it is when you find fear in front of you, it’s an opportunity for growth. So, perhaps I am going through some growing pains. If fear is the catalyst for growth then in fact, it is a positive thing. If we pay attention, fear can be our greatest teacher.  The trick is to not get swept up in what the fear brings up.  In order to combat getting swept away in fearful thoughts, we can create a system to ground ourselves. First, check in with what is real – and that’s not the worst case scenario in your head. Second, get the facts.  Third and most importantly, to find it within yourself to keep moving through the fear until you make it through the muck. In the words of Winston Churchill,  “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”


Do you feel fear lurking in your life too? We can feel our fear, but we have a choice in how we respond to it.  You might feel lonely in your fear but realize you are not alone. Call on your support whether that be a friend, a family member or maybe if you are a little woo woo, your guides. I reach for my guides when I need help.  Some might have a Saint, others it simply might be grabbing a stress ball or that favorite stuffed animal you grew up with.  Whatever it might be, just reach for support.   

When we get scared, we often freeze. Pay attention to what you personally do when you get scared and know this is when you must make a choice. The best choice most often is to forge ahead.  Moving forward is the only thing that can truly  dilute the fear and with that, bring in new energy.  Practice being positive.  Simply laughing and making light of the situation has the power to dissipate the heaviness.

What runs through your subconscious mind or what situation are you fearful of? You can run it through your nervous system or you can can you decide to drop the fear and trust the universe?  

The bottom line is: This is your journey. No one else’s.  You have the power to feel the fear and do it anyway.

You can choose your outlook and see the world through love and wonder, or you can choose to live in fear and longing for something different.  Only you can change your processing. Despite what may be going on in the world around us that may contribute to fearful thoughts, decide to take the journey less traveled and turn your fear into a positive.  

This is why we have inspirational people like Mattie Stepanek, who have graced our lives and are heroes because of their conscious choice to choose love and positivity over fear.  Despite what most would call a fearful and depressing situation to have a rare neuromuscular disease as a child, Stepanek chose love and optimism and wrote books of poetry about peace.

He is a reminder and example: Choose optimism. The harder it feels to find the optimism, the greater your learning curve.  When you can turn the table on something that seemed impossible in your mind and instead choose to see it in a positive light, you have done the most powerful thing you can do as a human: You have chosen to live a life of faith, love, and optimism, which creates everyday miracles.  

This is the challenge in all our journeys: to create a magnificent life by changing our thoughts. You can do it.

– Mo.