December 2020: Manifest a New Year

As the new year approaches, why not gear up to manifest some wonderful new things? 

I recommend starting with your environment. Clear out your space and pass along those things you don’t use. There are so many people in need this year and if you aren’t using something, someone else will!  It’s a great way to start your new year with good vibes and high energy.  

Then, sit and take 15 minutes to just quiet your mind and focus on your heart and what you would like to manifest. Don’t tell yourself it’s too hard; you have tried this before. Instead, tell yourself it’s going to work this time, because you are going to really be open and push away any doubts. Every time a doubt comes up, think of something positive.  Know in your heart you can create your desires.   

I remember when I moved into my one bedroom in NYC, I had been living in an L-shaped studio apartment for years. Once I finally got into a one bedroom I had so much more physical living space than I was used to and it energetically felt like someone new had to show up in my life to fill the physical space. 

And guess what? He did. My husband showed up within three months of moving into that one bedroom.  I put a lot of effort into manifesting my husband thought-wise, but also physically. I read every book I was drawn to about manifesting your soulmate. Energetically, I found that I had developed a strong masculine energy that was necessary and even helpful for navigating the workforce of New York, but found this wasn’t the best energy for cultivating loving relationships. So, I had to remind myself to let my softer side show and began making every effort to bring my feminine side to the universe. At times I thought: “Is this ridiculous?” Well, my husband showed up, so for me, it wasn’t ridiculous.

When trying to manifest my dreams, I have to remind myself that whatever path I’m on has to be for the highest good of all, whether I can understand the reasons or not. I remember this feeling when four of my sisters were pregnant all at once and it felt like the one thing I wanted was to be pregnant too. In my heart, I wanted to be pregnant, but I had to believe that it wasn’t for the greater good at that time, despite my desires. I did end up having my son 2 years later, but it was a hard thing to be patient for at the time. I was in different circumstances with a different path and just had to accept that.  

Do your best to trust there is a larger plan you cannot see. It’s not easy when your heart aches for something and it hasn’t shown up. How many times can you ask for this something?  Keep asking, keep believing, keep seeking, be open to something different, and pay attention to what you are drawn to in 2021.  

Happy New Year!