Do you recognize the harmony in your life?


What is the one thing present in every minute of your day?


I love this word.  It’s so simple, yet complex.  We are most aware of harmony when it is present in music, but are you aware of it in your everyday life? It’s there. It has so many uses and we overlook the brilliance of its meaning. Harmonize a song.  Harmonize a group.  Harmonize while playing a sport.  Harmony in relationships.  Harmony in family. Harmony in the workplace. Harmony in our writing. Harmony in our creations. Harmony in nature.  The list goes on and on…

Do you recognize the harmony in your life every day?  That is, the flow of your morning rituals, your everyday schedule, the relationship with your mate and perhaps your children. What about the relationship with your family, with your in-laws?  What about the harmony between you and your co-workers? Do you work together easily, or do you push against one another?  The harmony of putting a meal together.  Is it quickly put together with no thought of the power of nourishment, or is it something you thoughtfully look forward to because you know it affects how you feel for  the rest of your day?

Any healthy, balanced person experiences harmony, the ultimate experience of peacefulness.  If you are in a disharmonious state, how can you find harmony?  Feel your way through it, no need to think too much about it.  Just ask yourself some quick questions:

  1. What would make this situation feel better?

  1. Is your ego taking over? If that is the main cause of the discord and disharmony maybe you need to set your ego aside, by doing so, put yourself back in check.

  2. What is the mutual or shared end goal?  Creating or maintaining harmony often involves compromise or “taking one for the team.” Try viewing everyone in your life as a different instrument. How can you adjust from this standpoint?

Once you find a source of flow, the disharmony will go out the window as quickly as it entered. This will happen because you are not pushing against your conflict anymore and it has room to move. You have, in a sense, created a dance– a dance of energy.

It might be helpful to simply put on some actual music to give you a concrete example of harmony.  Why does music heal? We all know the answer- it’s harmony at its core.  It’s the most viable, concrete example we have of it, yet it is in everything we do, every single second of the day.

If you don’t feel harmonious in areas of your everyday life, perhaps you can think of it as a song.  How can the song of your life create a melody? Can you steer a conversation differently?  I like to ask myself in the morning: how can I make everything I’m doing harmonious so that I start my day peacefully and centered?  Did I get up in a rush or did I let myself ease into the day?  I love quiet in the morning. It’s the time I enjoy most to myself because it sets the tone for the day.  Do I feel like a tea, something to eat, do I want to meditate, stretch, or write, or do I simply want fresh air right away?  The answer is different every day and I adjust my flow by listening to my feelings  I’m fortunate in the fact that I have quiet mornings available to me, but I know most do not. If this is the case,  I recommend finding the three most important things to you that you think would make your day flow better.

Here are a few things that might add more harmony to your life:

  • Give yourself extra time getting to work and appointments.

  • Take 15 minutes to walk outside during your work day for fresh air.

  • Put things away in the right spot when you are finished to avoid piles of things left undone. Every little action and thought contributes to your flow.

  • Work with people’s energy, not against it.

  • Steer yourself towards nourishing food that creates harmony in your body so that you feel balanced, alive, and vibrant.

Once you have recognized the source of discord, go harmonize and play the music of life. Harmony is a form of genius.  We should remind ourselves of this fact because it can make our lives sing.

I wish you a harmonious Memorial Day weekend!