French inspired home in a bottle

Oh what a week it’s been.  I was up by 4am each morning to get to work by 6am and as of yesterday (Friday) afternoon I was spent.  Sometimes when I’m maxed out I just need to sleep. The other half of the time I simply need to be at home in my space doing what I love to do.  I had laundry and tidying up to do in the apt. and eventually I reached for my iron and ironing board.  My Grandmother from my father’s side was always big on ironing.  I seem to have gotten her ironing gene. It relaxes me.  So, I pulled the freshly laundered sheets out of the dryer and put them straight on top of the iron board, spraying them with Panier des Sens en Provence Linen Water as I ironed, making any wrinkles disappear.  You can spritz your towels with it or any linens for that matter and wa-lah, you have a French inspired home that smells divine.  They have different scents to suit your fancy. I assure you, this bottle which is less than $20 will make all the difference in your home.