Haircut + cupcakes = good day

Babycakes Storefront

I ran downtown today get a haircut from my wonderful hairstylist, Joe at Fringe Salon.  I’ve been going to Joe for years. At one point I had to take a hiatus from going to him (when I worked for a hedge fund) because I had no life other than work and therefore, could not find the time to go all the way downtown to the salon.  When I couldn’t  go to him I went to the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman.  As much as the John Barrett Salon is known for their reputation and the solid job they do, Joe at Fringe does a better job (not to mention for about $50 cheaper too).  So, if there are any locals reading this and looking for where to go, Joe is a definite must try.  In addition to a great haircut, Babycakes, a vegan cupcake place that is extremely well known is right next door.  It’s amazing that these cupcakes are vegan.  A great haircut and a no guilt cupcake (or two) that tastes like the real thing is my definition of a good day.  Go try either out and you will be smiling when you leave.