Hidden gardens & perfume.

I walked from my apt. on 20th street downtown to 2nd St. and Bowery to stop in at John Derian.  After I left there I walked east on 2nd St. and stumbled upon a garden I had never noticed before.  A sign stated it was “Albert’s Garden,” open to the public with the black iron gate open. So, I walked in.  I thought, what a little piece of heaven in the middle of this block and I never knew it.  After a few minutes of taking the garden in I continued to walk uptown and stopped in at kiehls.  While I was smelling away at their clearly marked “samples” bottles I came across a scent I never realized they had.  It was actually a scent my cousin who passed away used to wear.  I immediately smiled because it’s like her saying hello.  I never knew until someone close to me died how important scents are.  After she died when I was having a bad day I used to stop in to Sephora and spray her perfume just to comfort me.  It was even better when I would sit next to a stranger who was wearing her perfume because I felt like she was talking to me through someone else.  So ladies, choose your scents and stick with them because not only do they make you feel good now, but they can comfort others in ways I’m sure you never imagined:)