Is it a Crisis, or a Change?

Change.  It happens to all of us.  Sometimes it is welcome and sometimes it’s unexpected.  I know of a good amount of people going through changes and it’s a bumpy ride, one in which you have to have faith in yourself and something greater.  It tests you more than any other thing in life because it’s not predictable. That is, unless you decide to believe it is predictable. There are so many scenarios:  that person who is looking for a new job because they just want out of their current job, that person who has moved to a new state to forge a different life and they are pounding the pavement, or that person who is unexpectedly making a shift from a place they have worked for many years plus — and the list goes on.  

A difficult part of change is that it often isn’t foreseeable. If you are not currently amidst change, this message may seem foreign to you. But, all of us encounter change at one point and one day, change will come into your life and it often doesn’t feel like change, but instead feels like an unwanted crisis.  This is when your challenge will be to remind yourself that you are not going through a crisis; instead, try to view this moment as a change, a course readjustment in your life. This will allow you to look at your circumstances less with a sense of panic and frustration, and more with an energy and excitement for opportunity. Something was no longer aligning energetically in your life and it’s time to move on.  As bad as it might feel in the moment, you have to remind yourself that this is a good thing; growth is happening.

One question that usually accompanies change is: is moving on an improvement or a regression?  We are all human and in every one of us there is the fear, “Will I be able to find something better?”  This is the unknown. What is on the other side of change? There are financial pressures behind most of this because most people do need to make money, so the pressure amounts and the mind goes into worry, depressive thoughts, questioning, doubting oneself, or not knowing what to believe.  This is when you have to remind yourself that you are energy and everything around you is energy. Energetically, it was time to move on for whatever reason it was- you know- was it toxic, were you not appreciated, were you not being your best you, did you outgrow the situation? Really, it doesn’t matter what the reason is.  You simply must choose this time which is the hardest for many in their lives to believe that things will ultimately be better. It doesn’t mean it will be easy to get to the next destination, but trust in your goodness. Treat yourself with the care that you would a loved one- rest and heal as much as you can expecting that the next opportunity will show up at the right time. This is when you have to choose to live by your heart and that is not an easy thing to do when you have bills that are piling up.  

Living by your heart means listening to the whispers of intuition guiding you.  It does not mean you sit and do nothing. It means you trust you will be guided by your intuition to the next opportunity and this can be one of the most stressful scenarios where you are challenged to live by your heart. I know this because I have done it countless times from one job to the next.  I can tell you that once you do it enough, you get to a place within yourself where you know all will be more than alright. Just remember to listen to the whispers; this is your primary job until the actual job shows up. And once it does, don’t forget how predictable living by your heart is and perhaps, next time it will be a little easier.