Jetson style stroller is here, it just doesn’t fly (yet).

Origami Stroller

I may not have kids, but when I saw this stroller came out I laughed and had to read the specifics.This Jetson style stroller is lit on the underside of it so you can clearly see everything beneath your feet.  I pictured it being illuminated on on the underside, but hovering above the ground like a Jetson mobile. I’m thinking the hovering feature will be next because with all this strollers bells and whistles it weighs 29 lbs. and isn’t anything someone wants to lift along with holding a little one.  A GPS style device sits on top that tells you via a sensor your child is actually in the seat, how charged up your battery is (it has a phone charger too) and how far you’ve trotted with your little one. A push of a button makes it collapse or open up.  It retails for about $850.00.