Missoni Mania

Now, I know we all love Missoni, but today was ridiculous with target’s site crashing from the launch of the new line.  The NYTimes claimed the site was up later in the afternoon and it was somewhat functioning, but it definitely was not.  When I finally got on the site I couldn’t even place an item in my cart.   24 hours later the target site is still completely dysfunctional.  If we didn’t have online shopping, what would the stores look like with this type of mad rush?  The ridiculous part is that by this afternoon ebay had almost 7,000 of the items listed with inflated prices.  Talk about wanting to make an extra buck.  Wow.  I hope those that were able to login to Target got some fun stuff.  I’m over it already.  We don’t have any Target stores in Manhattan, but I’ll survive.  We have plenty of other great options.
Here’s the NYTimes article.

Missoni NY Times article