MoMo Home Design: launched!

I love antiques and vintage finds.  I’ve always been obsessed with rooms being comfortable, in order, and functionally friendly while looking great.  When I first came to Manhattan I worked at Ann-Morris Antiques, an antique showroom to the Trade that has been on East 60th street for years. I worked there for about two and a half years which gave me a pretty solid background in 19th Century English Country antiques.

Over the last year and a half I have been working freelance at Elizabeth Bauer Design which is an eclectic mix of things, focusing more on Mid-Century items. Returning to the industry has brought my love of design back even more.  So when I can, I shop around for unique antique and vintage finds.  With that, I have decided to start MoMo Home Design , a small online site which will have these finds.  After all, my apartment can only fit so many pieces of furniture:)   I’ll eventually mix in some new vendor items in that I think are great home additions as well. 
 Like I said, I’m starting small, so I just posted my first piece of furniture, a great vintage lucite Mid-century desk I found.   Lucite is great design wise because when you put it in a room, visually it doesn’t take up any space.  Therefore, with the limited apartment space that we have in NYC things that don’t visually take up space and look stylish are ideal.