The #1 Stress Reliever


As Dec. approached, I was pondering themes for my Twitter and Facebook posts. During a brainstorming session, the topic of stress relief during the holiday was suggested by a friend. I sat and thought on this for a little over a day and even started to write out the typical effective stress relief tools out there- taking deep breaths, going for a walk, music, meditation etc.

I said to myself: nope, this isn’t the answer.

And then my intuition came barreling through me, reminding me that the only real stress relief is helping or giving to others. That is when I decided that everyday, I would post a company or product that gives back. Using the hashtag #g1veeveryday, I wanted to remind people that yes, it helps stress to take a deep breath or go for a walk, but if anyone really wants to get out of that energy space of stress, then they just have to stop and give. Help a child, help a stranger, open the door for someone, call a relative, just be kind to someone or order a present that gives back and learn about that charity. All of these things stop stress and, I would say, giving is the #1 stress reliever out there.

Here’s my list of gifts that give back for anyone stressing about what to buy someone this holiday season. If you can’t find a gift, why not just learn about one or two of the charities and be aware. See how much you have to be grateful for. There is always someone else in a more difficult situation than the one you are facing. Happy Holidays, and wishing you less stress in the New Year!

#g1veeveryday list of Gifts that give back tweets:

1. For the music enthusiast:

2. For the beauty product lovers out there:

3. For the animal lover:

4. More beauty products that give back:

5. Rugged jewelry made from repurposed keys:

6. Tote and backpack lover:

7. Human Rights Advocates:

8. Fun pajama pant lover:

9. Socks for any stocking:

10. Blanket lover:

11. Donate toward Fair Food Movement: 

12. Easy to pack sneakers by Toms:

13. Hobo bag lover & other products:

14. Supports the Metropolitan Museum and its programs

15. Desk accessory benefiting St. Judes:

16. Great go to bags for anything:

17. More beauty product options that gives back:

18. The book lover with 100% of proceeds fighting hunger:

19. For the tea lover benefiting the fight against AIDS:

20. Choose the charity you would like to benefit from your purchase: