Tips to Create Change

Creating change is the most time consuming thing you can take on, but also the most beneficial.  Therefore, the bigger the change, the more commitment needed. But it starts with being clear on what you want.  If you aren’t sure about what you want, then you don’t have a goal. If this is you, stop reading, go figure it out, and come back to this at a different time.

If you are clear on what you want, good! Zero in on it with a magnifying glass and then step back. Here are some things that can help you hone in on that thing you want:

  1. Surround yourself with people who have similar interests that support your ambitions.   This is crucial.  Find anyone that is doing something similar to what you want to do and talk to them, ask questions, get to know them. Keep asking around until you find a connection or someone connects you.  As long as you feel they are not going to be competitive and are wholeheartedly interested in others excelling, then they are a part of your tribe that creates support and a continually building reference point.
  2. You must be your own cheerleader.  Sometimes you will be your own cheerleader. Know this and accept this fact. Don’t be bashful. Being your own cheerleader involves understanding your own personal needs and what keeps you balanced. If you read more of my blog posts there are suggestions as to what might keep you grounded in this process, but it starts with advocating for yourself.
  3. When someone says “no,” just go to the next option until you get a “yes.”  If you have exhausted yourself from at minimum 10 “No’s” create a new game plan to convey what you are envisioning.  And if for some reason you think you should keep going, keep going! Get 500 “no’s” if you believe in your dream that much.  There is always another route to your “yes.” Not everyone can see your vision, but you can.  Trust that if they don’t there is another way to reach the finish line with it.
  4. Remind yourself we are all souls on a journey, here to learn soul-lessons.  Don’t take everything so seriously; this is temporary.  Respect it, but don’t stress it.  Try to step back and look at the big picture, what are you struggling with, what could be your lesson to learn and how can you grow.  If you can recognize this then you can often get through roadblocks keeping you from getting to your desired outcome.