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Mayabags and more at the Indagare Souk

Picture from Manhattan Luxury Magazine

Everything is a whirlwind these days and two weeks ago during that whirlwind I was representing Mayabags at the Indagare Souk which took place at the Hotel Athenee here in NY.  I posted about Mayabags around Christmas time last year because I love, love them.  They are handwoven products created by the impoverished Maya women in Belize and in a nutshell the jobs created by these bags lifts them out of poverty (providing them with income to educate their children).   Manhattan Luxury Magazine was at the Souk taking pictures for their mag. (pic above).  I met some wonderful people, one being Anne Wells who founded and runs, Unite the World With Africa. She is a fabulous lady, doing exceptional things and you should take a look at their site as well. Whether you find something you would like to buy at MayaBags or Unite the World With Africa you will be spreading positive energy from all the good that comes from the sales of these items.  Now, that really is happy shopping:)

Full Moon Dates – expect a little bit of crazy

I woke up on Tues. and people were a little bit all over the place and I said to a woman I was speaking with, “Is it a full moon today because I don’t know about you, but don’t people seem a little bit crazy today?”  She whole heartedly agreed and then looked it up.  It was in fact a full moon the next day.  My sister who works with kids called saying the same thing.  She had a really rough day at the school she works at because the kids were major drama that day.  I replied telling her about the full moon. I then  suggested she mark all full moons on her calendar so she is prepared to most likely have issues arise with kids on those days.  Come on, we all know the moon moves the ocean tides so it can certainly effect people.   For those who think there might actually be a correlation, here are the dates:

       2012 Full Moon Schedule

Mar 8 Thu
Apr 6 Fri
May 6 Sun
Jun 4 Mon
Jul 3 Tue
Aug 2 Thu
Aug 31 Fri
Sep 30 Sun
Oct 29 Mon
Nov 28 Wed
Dec 28 Fri