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    Hi. My name is Mo. I believe in the power of positive energy and intuition. I believe when you tune into energy it leads you to the answers you are seeking and ultimately, the life you want to create. I'm a no nonsense, practical, grounded soul and if you want to cultivate greater awareness of energy, then start reading.

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Sunday afternoon in Union Square

Union Square is always busy with the farmers market, artists displaying their work and whatever else you run into.   I’m constantly walking through it because I live right nearby.  I ran to Whole Foods to pick up groceries for dinner Sunday afternoon and on the way back I stopped to listen to this Cellist that was playing.  There’s always something different going on in New York wherever you may look.

Sportsbar I will actually step foot in: Ainsworth

Okay ladies, I never go to sportsbars. I know, I probably should because I’m single and it’s one way to meet guys, but I just would rather not because its not my thing.  For the record, I can be stubborn about some things.  But, being that it was the opening of the Olympic Games XXX a few of my girlfriends and I decided we would meet up to watch the ceremonies and have some drinks, so a sportsbar was in order.  The first one we went to was a big “No”, but after regrouping we headed straight to The Ainsworth on W26th Street.  This place I could handle.  It was super loud, but it is a sportsbar, so that is part of the territory .  If there are any major sporting events in the future that I want to watch out with friends, this will definitely be on the list again for consideration.  Check it out.

Marie Forleo – keeps it real

I recently discovered Marie Forleo from a Facebook link that someone posted and she is definitely quirky (which is always fun), but most of all I appreciate that she is a “keep it real” kind of lady. I thought her video post yesterday was great.  It was a discussion about the road to living your life with passion and reaching your goals. I’m still on that road, so I loved this video.  I hope you’ve reached your destination already of accomplishing your goals, but if not, I think you will find some great info. in this video too.  Enjoy.

The Power of Intention

I was sitting at home last night and hit my DVR list.  I skipped through all the cooking and Downton Abby episodes and found myself scrolling to my “Super Soul Sunday” episodes that I hadn’t watched yet. I obviously needed a little spiritual pick me up.   Well, the episode I was drawn to was an older interview with Oprah and Gary Zukav, the author of The Seat of the Soul.  This segment is such a good reminder of how intention effects EVERYTHING you do.  That is, if you have the intention of living a life lead by your soul all the energy around you will support that as long as you continue to conciously intend that.  I hope this video serves as a reminder to you too of the power behind your own intentions.  Happy watching.