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13 Life Lessons from Living in a Family of 10

People often ask me what it’s like to have grown up with 9 siblings.  I tell them it’s wonderful, and at the same time, it has its challenges, just like so many things in life.  But the positives outweigh any challenges.  I am blessed to have grown up in a family of ten and have the relatives I have, because I believe knowing where you come from and who your relatives are provides you with ground.  It’s a resource of knowing that you are not alone in this journey.  I also know from a spiritual perspective that this is what was meant to be because there are too many miracles that occurred to make it happen. It’s a miracle in itself to have 9 healthy siblings and to make things happen with that many people living under one roof. It takes more than your own will or intention; it takes a higher source to synchronize all that went into each day.

Just to give you a practical snapshot of what it’s like to have 5 brothers and 4 sisters (none of which are twins), let’s start with the age range.  There is a 20 year age gap between the oldest and youngest sibling.  Yes, if you average that out, my Mom was having a baby every two years.  Whenever I tell people about my mom growing up,  I picture her pregnant with a basketball belly in front of her petite frame.  When you have a twenty year gap, naturally, people go off to college and keep moving forward, so you have limited experiences with younger siblings. I like to explain it as if it was two families growing up under one roof. The first five are the older group, and the last five are the “babies.” Yes, five babies.  I had limited exposure to my younger siblings once I went to college. I knew them all very well as actual babies, but then I grew up and went to Loyola College in Maryland.

The next very common question I get is, are we all close? The question of whether we are close or not is individual to every person in my family.  Do we get together as an entire family on a regular basis? Yes. I would say this happens twice a year, which to some puts us in the category of being close. But, do I talk to any of my siblings every day like a good bit of siblings do?  No, but talking on the phone has never been my thing. There is no one in my life that I speak to on the phone every day, or even two times a week. I just do my own thing and always have.  As for relationships, of course I have siblings that I am closer to than others. I always defer to explaining it in spiritual terms, because that is just how I think.

Spiritually and energetically, we cross paths with those who energetically serve us at the right times. The difference with siblings is they are always there. Energy that is consistently around you, but not necessarily one that you will or will not connect with until the time is right.  What I find is that I go through waves of being connected to different siblings at different times. For example, I recently found out that my brother Sean is wonderful at social media. I need help in social media, so Sean helps me out.  Energetically, I had a need and the discovery came about, resulting in Sean and I getting to know each other more.  For instance, it’s just like the person you randomly meet that is perfect for what you need at the time.  This is how I see my siblings energetically. We all flow to each other as needed, yet all share the understanding that we love one another despite any challenges we may or may not have had with one another.  I have been told by a good bit of people in my life that I am a lucky girl and lucky things just happen to me.  I don’t argue this point. Perhaps that luck started from my childhood by having a plentitude of siblings within my life on a regular basis and perhaps that subconscious feeling of luck just went with me and never left because I expect it.

Now, lets get deeper into things. What is the number one lesson I have learned from being in a family of 10?  I would say I can’t give you a number one at this time. I may have a number one answer, but for now, here are my top 13 major lessons I learned from growing up with 9 siblings:

1. I learned that miracles happen every day, because they really did in our house.  Most of all, I felt that having babies around all of the time was the biggest miracle.  Children are amazing, healing souls.  They interrupt stress and provide an in-the-moment environment and it is then that you see, appreciate and notice things that you would not typically.

2.  I learned that health is the most important thing, because we were lucky to have it.  We may have had struggles, but we didn’t have health struggles and we all know of that friend or parent who died too young. To have 12 people living under one roof and not have any major life concerns is another miracle.

3.  I learned that you must pull your own weight and take care of yourself at a very young age. If you didn’t take care of yourself, you saw the consequences immediately.  If you didn’t take care of your homework, get organized, or get to bed at a reasonable hour there was no one over your shoulder telling you that you should do these things. You simply had to figure it out on your own or pay the consequences. You had to take responsibility for you and what your needs were because there was only one of my mother and ten of us.

4. I learned a great deal of parenting skills, more than most will ever learn. I have changed more diapers than most will in their lifetime. I have helped more crying kids then most will in their lifetimes, and I have shared more precious moments of being with young children and seeing their brilliance and innocence shine through than most. Parenting is innately in me because of these experiences.

5.  I learned that love does really conquer all, but there are always challenges in that love, because without the challenges we would not be learning and spiritually expanding.   I was hurt often as a child because I couldn’t make sense of a number of things, but in the end, there was a great deal of love in our home that put any discontent to the side.

6.   I learned that infants are one of the most precious things in life and that holding a infant in your arms with that smell and that calm they bring lasts about as long as  the blink of an eye.  So, hold them as long as you can because they will be running from your arms faster than you can say their name.
7.  I learned that most people don’t really know what it is to work hard and be relentless.  You must do this in a family of 10. It is taken to another level. My father and mother worked their butts off to keep our family going. They sacrificed their own comforts to give us as much as they could.  They were relentless in their belief that everything works out in long run. The needs of so many all at the same time takes “needs” to another level.
8.   I learned that everything in life, no matter how serious or intense or heartbreaking it may feel, will pass and things will get better. I often got stressed out from my school experience.  As intense as it was for me, I eventually learned that the seriousness of a situation always passed because time makes it so.
9. I learned that energy is as real as your words. I learned this by observing so many people and so many different needs. It was if I had decoding games in my head going on as to how those around me and my siblings felt.
10. I learned that we all have struggles, every single one of us no matter how things may appear and you must always remember this and treat others as best you can.  It felt as though people looked at our family as a model family.  We have good looking parents and good looking kids. It looks beautiful, but it was hard work. Every single one of us had to sacrifice something and in turn that created our own personal struggles that we each had to face.

11.  I learned that we are all really just doing our best in life, even if others aren’t happy with what doing our best is.  I think people naturally want to be the best they can be and aren’t purposely unkind or mean.  I think everyone wants to be good and be kind, whether you are a child in your terrible twos driving everyone mad or a high schooler that can’t seem to lose an attitude.
12.  I learned that intuition is one of the greatest gifts in this journey called life because it will give you the answers you seek. Intuition told me more often than not where to turn and that things would be okay, even when I couldn’t make sense of circumstances. It has revealed many wonderful things to me.

13. I learned that no matter how much you want to help someone change, you cannot change them. They must decide to change themselves.  I was in high school and I was arguing with a sibling of mine who in my eyes was acting unreasonable.  As I stood on the other side of the door arguing with them it was as if all of a sudden someone stepped in and said,  “Stop!” I took a deep breath and I said to myself, what am I doing? All of this yelling isn’t going to change anything because they don’t want to change right now. I can’t force what someone doesn’t want. I walked away peacefully and have never tried to talk sense into this sibling about this challenge of theirs since that day.

– Mo

Your Energy Says A Lot About Who You Are


Just write the name and people want to read, listen or watch more.

She is a very powerful soul, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an article on Oprah and what she energetically stands for.  We all know who she is and we know she is the “it” lady, but energetically and spiritually how does one explain Oprah? Oprah has said her purpose is to dig deeper and go wider by starting her new network and create Super Soul Sunday.  We all know Oprah is soulful.  But who else is she?

As I sat and watched the Oscars, my thoughts kept deferring to Oprah just because I knew she was in the audience. With all of the things that were going on, even with Neil Patrick Harris providing stellar stage entertainment, I kept thinking of Oprah.  That is, my thoughts would drift to how proud she was when certain people walked onstage and how much it means to her to have a film like Selma out.

But ultimately, what it came down to was this conclusion:  Oprah is the Mother figure of modern day society. She has more “children” than anyone I know. She is a worldwide symbol of a Mother figure in a society that needs and craves it -a society that wants to be heard and understood. I remember watching a clip of Kelly Ripa say,  “Meeting Oprah is like sunshine in your face!” I laughed because energetically, that is exactly who Oprah is: she is shining a light on things that most don’t want to look at, but after you look at that difficult thing in a loving, non-judgmental, and real way, sunshine really does appear.  She provides that light.  I wonder if Oprah knows this already about herself. I know she says she is the Mother of her beloved girls in her schools, but does she realize she represents the Mother consciousness of modern day society?

It’s not an easy thing to place who you stand for, because we are all a work in progress. Oprah has evolved in front of all of us and has emerged into who she is over time just as we all do. I’m not sure I would want the world to see my evolution so candidly. It’s a tough spot to be in- a brave one. Perhaps the core of our energy is always within us and it’s simply a shedding of skins that we must all go through to have our key virtues reveal themselves. These key virtues ultimately revealing to us what are gifts are. They are how we show up on a day to day basis. It is the face that we show to those around us, which ultimately makes up what we stand for and who we are in this journey.

If I were to ask someone what they feel my core traits, gifts and energy is, I would go turn to some of my best college friends. We lived with one another and really learned about each other’s habits and what makes us tick. Over time, they have reflected to me which virtues I uphold. I have been told that they don’t worry about me because I always seem to figure things out no matter the circumstance. I have been told I’m the “mother” of our group. These two observations are my core energy. I believe I emit the energy that anything is possible, which confirms my ability to overcome any obstacles. I believe I have learned this by taking chances in life and seeing that sometimes I fall and sometimes I fly. It’s been a journey of following my intuition and trusting it moment to moment to solve any and all problems. As for being referred to as a mother in the group, I assume it is because I have a nurturing, yet no-nonsense way that is often attributed to mothers. I also never take “no” for an answer and am I creative problem solver. If you tell me “no,” I’ll figure a way to do or get what I want. Problem solving is probably one of my greatest gifts. There is a force inside me that will always find a way for the greatest good. I set an intention and no one will stop me from getting it. If someone energetically doesn’t support my vision, I ask for someone else. There is always a solution. I believe this with all my heart and soul, and this is where my intuition strongly comes into play in my life. So, perhaps it looks like I am a capable mother who can take problems on and solve them, or maybe it is just my soulful way of navigating life.

What do you energetically stand for?  What traits have stuck with you throughout the years? If you’re not sure, ask a few trusted friends what they think and see if any of their thoughts ring true to you. Remember, they usually show up as your gifts.  If it’s still not clear to you, ask the universe to help you figure it out and stay alert for answers. Did you consider that things you may think you physically lack or appear to lack, are actually present energetically in different ways just like Oprah’s motherhood? Perhaps you will find the answer in an unexpected place.

Be sure to pay attention, and I’m sure the answers will reveal themselves.



2 Types of People


There are 2 types of people in life. Yes, two.

These 2 types are:
– People that give you energy
– People that take your energy

Do yourself a favor and consciously surround yourself only with those who give you energy. It will change your life.

You know who the givers are: they are the people that make you feel good, full of life and you walk away smiling after spending time with. This doesn’t mean they aren’t truthful about things and pretending or glossing things over in life.  Instead, they are the people who keep it real and tell you the truth (that you may not want to hear), but no matter what the scenario they are always positive and supportive.  Simply put, you walk away happy after being around them.

On the flip side, you know those people who are the takers:  when you walk away from a taker you feel drained and possibly bad about yourself.  You might even have to go take a nap after being with them.  Often times, these are the people in your life who speak to you or perhaps at you in a very loud voice, sometimes criticizing you.  Remove these people from your life and positive things will happen.  Guaranteed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.30.30 PM

Most importantly, what energy do you bring to others?

We all need to make sure we are taking responsibility for the energy we bring to others.  We all know what we bring to others simply by observing the other persons body language.  You can see if their body is relaxed or tense, you can see in their eyes if they feel lighter or heavier.  Fundamentally, when we take responsibility for the energy we bring to others, they just feel good after interacting with you and vice versa.  Now, go experiment being a giver of energy:)


We have all seen miracles in our lives: the person that pulls out of an illness, the child who is saved, the unexpected event that changes everything. Those are the big miracles that almost jump at you and give you a belief in the grand picture of life’s journey. What about everyday miracles? Do you notice them? Do you see them? Are you even looking for them? You should be. They’re there. Just like the blue sky and birds in it and the sun that rises and falls each day- everything we are so accustomed to and take for granted- they are all little miracles.

But what is an everyday miracle? Why don’t we pay attention to everyday miracles? Or do you? I hope you do. I try to look for miracles every day. I believe in miracles. I believe in the everyday intervention of something higher than myself that is making it all work and beyond my control. My book, Solitary Genius, is an example of everyday miracles. It was the unexpected triumphs I made with my students even if an outsider could not see it. In daily life, it’s happening more often than not. When I’m unsure, but doing something whole heartedly and I feel like I am at the end of my rope, I am overwhelmed in some capacity or I’m unsure of how I’m going to make something happen that all of a sudden, the table turns. It’s as if the universe knows I have reached my limit: in front of me, just a dust of positivity drops in, a solutions appears, or support steps in.

That is an everyday miracle.

It’s a form of grace. It’s the stranger that you run into and somehow changes your perspective for the day. It’s the flawless timing of getting somewhere with no stress. It’s the unexpected money that shows up that pays for something important. It’s the child that says just the right thing at that exact time you need to hear it. There are so many everyday miracles and I often think most of us forget to look for them and say thank you.

I know it is a practice of many to have a gratitude journal. Gratitude journals change people’s perspectives. They change energy. What if you were to create an everyday miracle journal, or simply add to the gratitude journal by adding a miracle a day? Watch how your perspective shifts. Gratitude and miracles: what a powerful combination. It’s like the ultimate treasure hunt. We all have access to it. You simply have to expect it and it will show itself to you. So, I wish you well on your miracle journey. I wish you all of your dreams and I hope you watch them come true one miracle a day at a time. Then, remember to tell others to do the same. What good energy. What a way to feel most alive.

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You Must Always Look Forward.

As we begin the New Year, I always try to keep focused on looking forward. However, there are certain things in life that make you glimpse back.

In particular, the one event from last year that makes me glimpse back is New Year’s Eve 2014.

The day before New Year’s, I left my brother’s ski house in Vermont, which is a 7 hour car ride back to my apartment in New York City. I have always liked to spend New Year’s Eve at home. I’m introverted in many ways and my introverted ways particularly come out on major holidays. I love to be quiet and comfortable at home doing whatever I enjoy, which is why after 5 days of skiing I headed home, leaving my parents, a number of siblings, a niece, nephews and two dogs (Blake & Bernice) at the ski house.

I was in my comfy pajamas with my pup beside me when at the strike of midnight I text my Mother, “Happy New Year!”

She texted back, “Pray. Bernice is missing.

“For how long?”
“Over 3 hours.”
It was 20 below out.
“What happened?”
“The fireworks went off and she got spooked and sprinted off.”

My adrenaline had already kicked in.

The ski resort consists of a number of townhouses and two hotels, so it covers a vast amount of mountain area.  I stayed up until 4AM on New Year’s Eve stone sober making up a flier and calling the hotels to see if they could get the info out to their security immediately.  I slept for 2 hours and was up again by 6AM (because it was light out up in Vermont) and I was hoping to hear she turned up.  My intuition even told me to email a worldwide psychic to see if she could tell me where she might be. My intuition was correct to email because on New Year’s Day the woman out of pure kindness and concern called me and said, she is still alive, she ran down and over to the left.  My sister who does not believe in psychics didn’t say a word to this news.

This went on for days until the weekend hit and I went back up to the ski house with my other sister to help in the search.  It was hard.  Everyone was already four days into the search, was utterly exhausted and had to get back to their jobs.  I always try my best to be a compassionate person and put myself in other peoples shoes as best I can.  I really had no idea.  That is, I had no idea the amount of stress involved in missing a pet. There was no time for sleep. Time was of the essence because of the frigid temperatures, and everyone was exhausted from searching for days, which in turn influences your ability to think straight.

We were knocking on every door going from house cluster to house cluster handing out fliers and asking people if they had seen Bernice. We were skiing and snowshoeing down the slopes slowly, yelling into the woods. No luck. There were possible sightings and then what seemed like legitimate sightings, but still no Bernice. I went up with my sisters each time the weekend hit as much as possible. Its a devastating feeling to have to leave an animal you love, not knowing where they are.  But we had to keep moving forward.  And we did, but it was a struggle.  We all had to leave and place our trust in the locals to keep an eye out.  My brother and sister-in-law would look every weekend they went up to the house and my sister would go up whenever she could, but Bernice could not be found.  Winter passed, the Spring came and we kept in contact with locals who had taken up the search and were literally, angels on the ground.  They would leave traps, search any lead or any random idea that we could think of all hours of the day.  This was a true testament that there are good, loving people out there who care for other fellow souls. That is, there are truly people who step outside of themselves for the benefit of a stranger. I wonder, is there any greater love that exists?

That April, we received a call that Bernice had passed away, so my two sisters and I drove up to bury her. She was curled up as peaceful as any being could be, just as if she was going to take an afternoon nap. She knew, she was one with the earth and passed on peacefully knowing that. I tear up as I type this because it is all still very raw. The generosity and compassion that those many local individuals extended to my sister is one of the most powerful lessons I have learned in life. They dug Bernices grave before we got there, they brought flowers and balloons and stood there as if Bernice was just as much a part of their hearts as my sisters broken heart.  I must look forward and know that what this pup taught us is more powerful than even her physical presence here. That is, one cannot always make sense of tragedy, but one can always look forward with the lessons that teach them the boundless capacity of love, only to glimpse back for a reminder of this very fact.

In Memoriam of a very special pup, Bernice (2012-2014).
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.33.27 PM

What is your environment telling you?

I’m a huge believer that your environment is a reflection of your psyche. I’m often taking a glimpse of my environment to give me feedback on what is really going on energetically.

Try it. Look at your environment right now.   What do you see? This is your energy. This is what you give off energetically to the world and attract. While I asked myself this very question the other day, I found myself looking at the obvious – my petite Manhattan apartment. It was giving me instant feedback on how balanced I was after spending all morning cleaning and tidying up. Saturday mornings for me are always my clean up day. I get up, walk and feed the dog. Then, I walk a few blocks to the bakery and grab a chocolate croissant and a tea latte. As soon as I get back to my apartment, off to cleaning I go. I actually enjoy it. It’s like a workout and by end of day, my life from the week before is back on reset. However, this Sunday after I thought I did a really thorough cleaning of my apartment the day before I looked a little further at my surroundings and for some reason my focus landed on my only plant in my apartment. Yes, my only plant. This plant has been through the trenches with me. It’s called a snake plant or Mother-in-laws Tongue plant, named after it’s thick, hearty straight leaves that stand tall like a column. This plant is more than 10 years old and has been in three different apartments with me, even a 2 month bout in a dark storage space couldn’t kill this thing. Apparently, the plant just thought it was in hibernation for 2 months.

I live in an apartment with abundant light all year long, so it’s ideal for plants to flourish. When I focused in on my plant, I almost didn’t recognize it. I said to myself, oh dear, how could I have neglected this little guy who has been so loyally a sign of life to me? There were dead dried up leaves in with the green ones, the leaves that are usually stiffly upright we are falling over the edges of the pot. I immediately sighed- talk about my environment being a reflection of myself. How telling.

I am one to neglect my own personal life for work. I always have and I felt it this last spring when I was told I caught mono (which is very unusual for a someone in their 30s). So, until the end of the summer I was doing my best to get my immune system back in shape and feel strong again, but feeling strong again did not just mean physically. It meant getting back to my life, having a personal life that I neglected for months in lieu of a very demanding job.   I had put my personal needs aside for everyone else’s and it resulted in being physically tired and my immune system had weakened to the point that it couldn’t fight off picking up this virus. I was giving beyond what allowed me to remain balanced. The plant was very clearly telling me I had dried up things that need to be tended to and brought back to life and there were also old habits or ideas that died in me that I was happy to release. It ultimately reminded me that I have to be sure to nurture myself every day. After I picked out the dead leaves, tilled the soil and gave it some water I put it in a new spot in my apartment. Every morning I open the drape of the window it sits in so it gets the first light of the sun and I talk to it. I will nurse this plant back to health just like I am brining and nursing myself back to wholeness and balance. I neglected my personal needs just like I neglected my plant. My little plant taught me to really slow down in the moment and really look at what is right in front of you and that nothing is more urgent than your self care and balance. So, I am making sure I sleep more and that I’m not answering work emails all hours of the day and night seven days a week. Despite the fact that I walk a good bit around the city, I also make time to take a Pilates class or play tennis because these are big stress relievers for me. Night time and weekend time is for me so I can be my best self and if I don’t insist that it is, the universe will be sure to tell me so.

What surrounds you every day? Is it a loving atmosphere, are you positive to those around you and do you feel positive around them? What about your “things”- Are they half put away or half completed? Are there piles of things to get done? Are your floors swept and shelves dusted? What’s in your refrigerator and cabinets? Are they nourishing, life force foods? Are things orderly and in place? Is your environment one that is welcoming and calm that fosters good energy because we all deserve this. Do you need help with your projects in order to finish them? Can a spouse or friend help you clean up the energy of unfinished business so you have a fresh place to start from? Is all in order as this new year approaches? If so, that’s awesome. Keep the good energy going. If not, look around you and keep listening and looking until your environment tells you things have changed for the better. You will know because it will literally transform before your eyes.

Happy New Year!


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The #1 Stress Reliever


As Dec. approached, I was pondering themes for my Twitter and Facebook posts. During a brainstorming session, the topic of stress relief during the holiday was suggested by a friend. I sat and thought on this for a little over a day and even started to write out the typical effective stress relief tools out there- taking deep breaths, going for a walk, music, meditation etc.

I said to myself: nope, this isn’t the answer.

And then my intuition came barreling through me, reminding me that the only real stress relief is helping or giving to others. That is when I decided that everyday, I would post a company or product that gives back. Using the hashtag #g1veeveryday, I wanted to remind people that yes, it helps stress to take a deep breath or go for a walk, but if anyone really wants to get out of that energy space of stress, then they just have to stop and give. Help a child, help a stranger, open the door for someone, call a relative, just be kind to someone or order a present that gives back and learn about that charity. All of these things stop stress and, I would say, giving is the #1 stress reliever out there.

Here’s my list of gifts that give back for anyone stressing about what to buy someone this holiday season. If you can’t find a gift, why not just learn about one or two of the charities and be aware. See how much you have to be grateful for. There is always someone else in a more difficult situation than the one you are facing. Happy Holidays, and wishing you less stress in the New Year!

#g1veeveryday list of Gifts that give back tweets:

1. For the music enthusiast: http://www.lstnheadphones.com

2. For the beauty product lovers out there: http://www.lushusa.com

3. For the animal lover: http://www.heifer.org

4. More beauty products that give back: http://www.kiehls.com

5. Rugged jewelry made from repurposed keys: http://www.thegivingkeys.com/

6. Tote and backpack lover: http://www.stoneandcloth.com/

7. Human Rights Advocates: http://shop.hrc.org

8. Fun pajama pant lover: http://intlprincess.org/

9. Socks for any stocking: http://www.mitscoots.com

10. Blanket lover: http://www.blanketamerica.com

11. Donate toward Fair Food Movement: http://www.foodchainsfilm.com 

12. Easy to pack sneakers by Toms: http://www.target.com

13. Hobo bag lover & other products: http://ssekodesigns.com

14. Supports the Metropolitan Museum and its programs http://store.metmuseum.org

15. Desk accessory benefiting St. Judes: http://www.westelm.com

16. Great go to bags for anything: http://www.feedprojects.com

17. More beauty product options that gives back: http://christmas.thebodyshop.com

18. The book lover with 100% of proceeds fighting hunger: http://moneymasterthegame.com

19. For the tea lover benefiting the fight against AIDS: https://www.harney.com

20. Choose the charity you would like to benefit from your purchase: http://www.uncommongoods.com