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Your Life Speaks to You in a Whisper

Wow, it’s been busy and busy results in neglect of my blog. I’m going to try and get back on track here.  So, here we go:  4 weeks ago a good friend of mine who, to put it lightly, is an Oprah fanatic told me I HAD to start watching Oprah’s lifeclasses.  They weren’t on my priority list and I forgot about them.  One evening about 3 weeks after we spoke I felt like turning on the TV. I’m not a big TV person so when I think of turning on the TV I’ve learned 9 times out of 10 it is my intuition telling me something relevant is on for me to watch.  With that, I turned it on and in an instant I remembered our conversation about the new lifeclasses by Oprah.  I found the OWN channel and sure enough, Oprah was in the middle of a lifeclass episode.

The episode was entitled, “Your Life Speaks to You in a Whisper”.  It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of.  That is, when you are in a quiet space of clarity and/or feel something in your gut, that is life speaking to you in whispers.  It doesn’t have to be about anything life threatening, it can just be in your regular errands of life, leading you to your purpose in life or clarifying something you are unsure of.  If you ignore these whispers for long enough, that’s when the bricks come falling down and unfortunately, it often is something dramatic.  On the flip side, if you do listen to those whispers, the whispers become clearer and louder and things come easily and almost effortlessly to you because you are in sync with the universe.

Point being: I would definitely recommend looking into the lifeclasses.  I have my DVR set and that way it’s easy to just watch those lessons I feel drawn too.  I think you will end up watching most of them though, just like I have.  Happy watching.

Coconut water: stick with Zico

When I first started drinking coconut water I couldnt take more than a shot of it at a time.  The drink would last me an entire week in the refrigerator.  Now, I will crave it and drink an entire bottle of it no problem.  Coconut water is so great for you because of all the electrolytes in it, along with the fact that it has more potassium in it than a banana.  Because of these facts, it’s known to be great for hangovers or if you drank the night before.

If you are not a coconut water drinker yet, I highly recommend it.  For those of you who are, Dr. Oz did a study on coconut water and which brands actually contain the electrolytes they say.  Zico was the only brand of the three tested that passed.  O.N.E. and Vita coco did not have the electrolytes they claim to contain.

Helpers House of Couture

Helpers House of Couture: San Francisco, CA

I love Matchbook Magazine.  It makes me happy whenever I see a new issue has been published.  This month they did a piece on Helpers House of Couture, a charity boutique in San Francisco that Joy Venturini Bianchi created.  I love her quote in the article, “Clothes are about good manners.”  Matchbook is a definite must read each month.


Cultural category

As a kid, I used to be obsessed with playing fashion show with my sister and cousins. We would have all the categories covered: sportswear, evening, swimwear, sleepwear, whatever we could think of and of course, there had to be a talent section.  My Mom or Aunt was always the judge and I’m sure they did their best to keep a straight face whenever fashion show days were inflicted upon them.

In any event, the obsession seems to have morphed into I dress my dog up just because it makes me laugh sometimes.  So, today he was subjected to trying on my scarf.  He sits very content as I do these things.  I think he actually enjoys it or perhaps he is scared.  Ridiculousness I say.  It keeps me sane, I swear.

And I will admit he does have a pair of Pajamas that I put him in and he loves.  I’m very proud of the fact that my dog does not fuss when clothes are put on him and even more so, he is perfectly behaved in any clothing store and clothing dressing room, for that matter.  I’m not sure how he would fare in other circumstances, but he has the shopping down.

Preppy category


The real values of life are not purchasable with money.
You can’t buy peace and good will.
If you could, the problems that face us would be simple.
All you can do, at most, is to help provide a setting, a scaffolding, an atmosphere, a soil perhaps, where these values can have at least some chance to grow.

John D. Rockefeller Jr.