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    Hi. My name is Mo. I believe in the power of positive energy and intuition. I believe when you tune into energy it leads you to the answers you are seeking and ultimately, the life you want to create. I'm a no nonsense, practical, grounded soul and if you want to cultivate greater awareness of energy, then start reading.

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What Transcends Time?

The obvious answer can be science or a proven theory like those that Einstein left behind, and some that were unproven theories of his and more philosophy. Often it’s music, a movie, a book or artwork that transcends time. So, creations or building things can outlive generations- and one could group these things into one’s own form of art.

But also- more than just art- these works that transcend time are a reflection of the energy that great thinkers before us were brave enough to pursue. As we know, Picasso was not a famous artist until after he left us. The musician Sting had a hard time getting started because his expression of music at the time was ahead of its time.  Einstein, Picasso,or those people still with us all looked ahead at the big picture; but ultimately, they lived life through passions that led them. Those things that gave them energy often overtook their thoughts, inspiring them to create. They put their energy into something that moved them.

Now, we are not all Einstein or Picasso, nor are we figures of history for the world.  More often, we are figures of history for those whose lives we share, namely our family and friends. The short answer to what transcends time is your energy that you hold and have shared with people (ie. how you treat others) and others. The things you choose to create or build in your everyday life through passion and action.

So, you can ask yourself, what primary energy do you give to people who surround you?  Are you kind, are you positive or are you a “Debbie Downer”?  Are you hopeful, do you share, do you look beyond yourself? Do you laugh with others or do you argue or insult?  We need to remind ourselves that negativity often has more impact on others than anything else we leave.  What are you leaving behind you?  This is not meant to be a morbid question, it is meant to really say, think about how you act each day.  If you want to go deeper, what is your legacy? Is it that you shared experiences of joy and love or is it that you were always talking about what ifs or criticizing. Just a reminder, criticism of those who surround you is a direct reflection of you are your own shortcomings.  If we let go of criticism and focused on accepting what is, much negativity would go away.  Of course, constructive, kind criticism is always a way to grow and expand, but aggressive, insulting criticism can easily become a legacy you will leave behind if you don’t pay attention.  Instead, leave what is possible for every person- kindness, acceptance, hope and belief in others.  

I wrote about my cousin Phyllis in my book, Solitary Genius because although she has been gone for over 10 years now, her energy still remains. And the energy that I hold with me are all the positive ones she shared. The belief she had in me. This is not to say she didn’t give me constructive criticism, because she most definitely did, but she did it in a kind way- either paired with a joke or in a genuine, peaceful, calm environment. She was someone who had a different path than most and she sparked wonder in me. I wondered how she created a life as a Casting Director. I wondered how she created a nice family with beautiful things in her life. She did this by working hard, holding some close friendships and maintaining the ones she had before her- For instance, she had an annual party with her friends from grade school.  She believed in the importance of family and friends as family.  At one point she said, I need to have more celebrations.  She was saying, I need to create more memories with those people important in my  life.  So, what memories are you creating with the ones you care about in your life?  How do you treat your family, your friends and the people you interact with every day?  None of us will ever be Einstein and Picasso, that was their own personal legacy. Your legacy is entirely up to you.


Tips to Create Change

Creating change is the most time consuming thing you can take on, but also the most beneficial.  Therefore, the bigger the change, the more commitment needed. But it starts with being clear on what you want.  If you aren’t sure about what you want, then you don’t have a goal. If this is you, stop reading, go figure it out, and come back to this at a different time.

If you are clear on what you want, good! Zero in on it with a magnifying glass and then step back. Here are some things that can help you hone in on that thing you want:

  1. Surround yourself with people who have similar interests that support your ambitions.   This is crucial.  Find anyone that is doing something similar to what you want to do and talk to them, ask questions, get to know them. Keep asking around until you find a connection or someone connects you.  As long as you feel they are not going to be competitive and are wholeheartedly interested in others excelling, then they are a part of your tribe that creates support and a continually building reference point.
  2. You must be your own cheerleader.  Sometimes you will be your own cheerleader. Know this and accept this fact. Don’t be bashful. Being your own cheerleader involves understanding your own personal needs and what keeps you balanced. If you read more of my blog posts there are suggestions as to what might keep you grounded in this process, but it starts with advocating for yourself.
  3. When someone says “no,” just go to the next option until you get a “yes.”  If you have exhausted yourself from at minimum 10 “No’s” create a new game plan to convey what you are envisioning.  And if for some reason you think you should keep going, keep going! Get 500 “no’s” if you believe in your dream that much.  There is always another route to your “yes.” Not everyone can see your vision, but you can.  Trust that if they don’t there is another way to reach the finish line with it.
  4. Remind yourself we are all souls on a journey, here to learn soul-lessons.  Don’t take everything so seriously; this is temporary.  Respect it, but don’t stress it.  Try to step back and look at the big picture, what are you struggling with, what could be your lesson to learn and how can you grow.  If you can recognize this then you can often get through roadblocks keeping you from getting to your desired outcome. 


Axe Your Anxiety

Want Magnificence?  Then you have to get rid of this.


How often do you use the word afraid in your daily life?  Do you find yourself thinking, “I’m afraid or concerned this or that might happen…” ?

It’s a theme that keeps popping up more often than I am used to these days, whether it be in my own personal life or the lives of others around me. The thinker I am wants to know, why is this word so prevalent right now, and what can I learn from the fear? On a soul level, I reason that it is when you find fear in front of you, it’s an opportunity for growth. So, perhaps I am going through some growing pains. If fear is the catalyst for growth then in fact, it is a positive thing. If we pay attention, fear can be our greatest teacher.  The trick is to not get swept up in what the fear brings up.  In order to combat getting swept away in fearful thoughts, we can create a system to ground ourselves. First, check in with what is real – and that’s not the worst case scenario in your head. Second, get the facts.  Third and most importantly, to find it within yourself to keep moving through the fear until you make it through the muck. In the words of Winston Churchill,  “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”


Do you feel fear lurking in your life too? We can feel our fear, but we have a choice in how we respond to it.  You might feel lonely in your fear but realize you are not alone. Call on your support whether that be a friend, a family member or maybe if you are a little woo woo, your guides. I reach for my guides when I need help.  Some might have a Saint, others it simply might be grabbing a stress ball or that favorite stuffed animal you grew up with.  Whatever it might be, just reach for support.   

When we get scared, we often freeze. Pay attention to what you personally do when you get scared and know this is when you must make a choice. The best choice most often is to forge ahead.  Moving forward is the only thing that can truly  dilute the fear and with that, bring in new energy.  Practice being positive.  Simply laughing and making light of the situation has the power to dissipate the heaviness.

What runs through your subconscious mind or what situation are you fearful of? You can run it through your nervous system or you can can you decide to drop the fear and trust the universe?  

The bottom line is: This is your journey. No one else’s.  You have the power to feel the fear and do it anyway.

You can choose your outlook and see the world through love and wonder, or you can choose to live in fear and longing for something different.  Only you can change your processing. Despite what may be going on in the world around us that may contribute to fearful thoughts, decide to take the journey less traveled and turn your fear into a positive.  

This is why we have inspirational people like Mattie Stepanek, who have graced our lives and are heroes because of their conscious choice to choose love and positivity over fear.  Despite what most would call a fearful and depressing situation to have a rare neuromuscular disease as a child, Stepanek chose love and optimism and wrote books of poetry about peace.

He is a reminder and example: Choose optimism. The harder it feels to find the optimism, the greater your learning curve.  When you can turn the table on something that seemed impossible in your mind and instead choose to see it in a positive light, you have done the most powerful thing you can do as a human: You have chosen to live a life of faith, love, and optimism, which creates everyday miracles.  

This is the challenge in all our journeys: to create a magnificent life by changing our thoughts. You can do it.

– Mo.

Forget the New Year’s Resolution and Do This Instead:

With the New Year, we all try to create better habits because we all want to be our best selves. This usually involves compiling a list of things that we wish we would do but don’t, whether it be short lived or not.  Then, we ultimately feel bad because we have created unrealistic expectations. What if we forget about the New Year’s resolutions and instead live by doing that thing that feeds/nourishes you. These are the signs: it brings you joy,  makes time nonexistent, is calming or grounding, and opens your heart.  It’s the thing that your friends or family can tell you is emphatically a part of who you are –it’s the one thing you do that helps to keep your life feel balanced.

For instance, I know the one thing that empowers my best friend is swimming.  It always has. When she swims, she goes into a place of balance; for my brother, it’s playing the guitar and singing; for another, it’s cooking. For me, it’s doing creative tasks, especially writing. I took my first oil painting class in college and I would get lost in time. Two hours went by and it felt like 20 minutes- nothing else existed. The same happens when I write.  There is always at least one thing in your life that does this for you- it appears to stop time and keeps you present. When we are present, we become centered, opening our hearts. From this place, it creates space in our lives to make change.  

What is the thing that does this for you?

Don’t worry about implementing or keeping new habits for the New Year that will likely fall to the wayside.  Instead, focus on refilling your inner well with the things that feed you. Make it a priority to do so on a regular basis, despite the demands of your life.  For instance, I must write on a regular basis to refill my well.  If I don’t write, I feel like something is missing, I’m internally off balance- my day doesn’t have the same kick to it.  An expression of myself is lost because it is my form of meditation.  If I can meditate on top of my writing, it’s a bonus, but my number one thing is my writing. No matter how many times I read how wonderful it is to sit down and meditate, writing is my number one priority.  What’s yours?

Do what is right for you.

What gives you peace and empowers you to feel your best self?  This is your own personal meditation.  Do it on a regular basis, don’t neglect it.  Push the other “important” things you have to get done to the side in order to do what you love and see the ripple effect. Watch how everything else falls into balance and creates more space in your life.  Rejuvenated, time appears to stretch and we are more balanced, creating joy. You are worth it, no matter how busy you are and how demanding your life is. 

Make it your New Year’s resolution to keep filling your well.  It ultimately empowers those around you to do the same, and you will serve as an example of the importance of loving yourself first in order to live joyfully.


Now, go be your own Superman or Superwoman.  Happy New You.  Fill your well.




Holiday 2016: Looking Back & Looking Forward

As 2017 approaches, the weather gets colder, and many settle in for hibernation time, I hope my blogs have created more compassion toward yourself and others and inspired you to create and trust in the power of your intuition.

As you look forward to the new year, plan and expect wonderful things to come. Cheers to a holiday of love and laughter and a new year of abundance.

Here are some of our year-in-review highlights:

  • Mo’s blog exploded with content in the past year, including 10 blog posts and a Newsletter for every month! Check out any you may have missed!
  • We were so excited to have been featured in 2 publications: Conscious Magazine and Autism Parenting Magazine.
  • Mo started her podcast and interview series in the back half of the year. Our first episode features chiropractor and holistic healer, Dr. Michelle Robin.
  • The MoMarshall.com website underwent a total upheaval. With our new format, there’s no excuse to miss a beat on Mo’s blog, Facebook activity, tweets, or her helpful insights on abundance, balance, and intuition.

Thank you for being apart of this year with us. As we look forward to more, take a look back with us at some of our favorite moments from 2016!

Wishing all the love and health to you this Holiday season,


Even Your Most Annoying Family Member Can Bring You Abundance This Holiday

The holiday season is one of the most universally stressful times for people. There are people we love to see, people we don’t care to see, people we are neutral about and people who inspire.  We see all these people around the Thanksgiving table. The important thing is to know and recognize who it is that makes you want to soar and who makes you want to take a nap.

The reality is, we all have friends or family members who can be challenging or difficult. Whether you have 2 or 20 good relationships of friends or family, take a look at all of them.  Who brings you joy?  Who inspires you to think and dream larger?  Who makes you feel smaller or dims your optimism?  For the least amount of stress during the holiday season, It’s important to really take the time and ask yourself these questions because this gives you more room to not be reactive. And for those who don’t make you want to soar, practice not expecting anything else of them. Internally, thank them for the reminders they give you about what it is that does not generate positivity.  We are all here for a purpose even if to our own eyes it’s not clear what that might be.  If you consciously decide to accept each person for the role they have in your life then that is all that needs to be done.  It’s an exercise of gratitude and tolerance.  Perhaps you can look at that which you find stressful during the holiday season as a mirror to yourself of how grateful and accepting you are of others.  No need for fighting or bickering, just accept whoever is not your favorite. This is maturity. It’s reality- specifically, the lens you use to see the world which directly impacts your experience of your holiday or life.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a good amount of people who are models of abundance and positivity: they have worked very hard in their lives and have created a vast amount of abundance in their every day – in their relationships, their jobs, their work and home environments. They are my favorite people to be surrounded by on holidays. The thread that ties them all together is curiosity and passion for life. Their personal mindset of abundance is physically mirrored by their environment. This is the reality they have cultivated and built for themselves. Do you see this in the people around you? Do they cherish the present and take care of the world around them, or are they a hot mess?

So, how can you find abundance in even the most difficult family members? What I have found in people who are profoundly abundant is that they have minds that think so far beyond what one would call “the usual.” It is almost inevitable that they would find their way to the profound abundance they have.  How does one do this? They think, imagine and dream up things all the time.  They often speak almost another language because they are always using their imagination as a tool to create.  That is, the reality they have created in their mind is so vast, that they forget that not everyone thinks this way.

I would say the first step to creating more abundance is to dream regularly.  But make it a dream that is as large as possible.  Make it a dream that is not for yourself, but for others.  What is the one thing in your life that you can dream of creating that will positively affect others and the greater world – that is what I’m talking about.  Not a dream about the new car you want or the next new thing to buy.  Dream about real change- change that touches someone other than yourself and your ego.

This is the difference between those who create profound lives and those who create average ones- it’s one’s ability to and awareness of effecting the large picture of the world- not just your own reality.  There is nothing wrong with what might be called a “simple reality” of only wanting to change your life – the world needs this.  Accept it, embrace it and be happy about it, don’t dwell in the what ifs or negativity.  If you are dissatisfied with your reality, this is when you have to challenge yourself to think bigger and create a new one.  I challenge you this holiday season to be more accepting of the Aunt, Cousin, or the in-law that irks you;  instead,  have compassion for them – they are serving as an example of what is to not dream and imagine and see the larger picture.  Have empathy and be kind.  They prefer a different reality and there is absolutely nothing bad or wrong about that- in fact, it makes the world go round and what makes the holiday season even more interesting and another reason for that extra glass of wine!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


Interview with Dr. Michelle Robin

Listen to the audio of this interview below.


Michelle:  Good Morning, Mo!

Mo: Good morning! I thought if I could give my readers tools, it would provide another reference to put intuition at the forefront. So Michelle, tell me: what is it that you do, and how did you get onto this path of wellness?

I happened to go to the chiropractor after I hurt my pelvis playing basketball, and while I don’t remember much about the chiropractic experience, I do remember they way they made me feel. I really fell in love with helping people feel better holistically.

When I went to college, I wanted to be a chiropractor but I wasn’t very good at science. As a senior, I finally told myself I could figure it out.

Now, I help people write a wellness plan for their life. People have plans for their finances, and they have plans for their vacation, and they have plans for their career, but they don’t have a plan for their most important asset, which is their well being. I look at the person form the whole perspective— mechanical health, chemical, psychological, and spiritual.

My mini-book has ways and tools to think about your body holistically, with some tools.


How do you define wellness and self-care?

I think about wellness, or “well-being”— I like to use that word more, because I like the being-“ness” of it, and “well-being” in the dictionary means “happiness” — and I have tried to figure how I could be more happy through my life.

I have a sprained ankle right now, and I don’t know about you, but it is hard to be happy when you are dealing with a sprained ankle, or a broken pelvis, or a broken heart, or a digestion problem, or depression-anxiety.

So, for me, well-being is being able to move through life without your body, mind, or spirit getting in the way. So, self care or well being is self-love.


How do you create your own self-care routine?

I’ve amped it up, that’s for sure. For years, I did things like chiropractic care or massage care. I’d move, whether it’s walking with my friends, or biking or swimming, or taking time to be more present.

Typically, before I leave for the office, I’ve done more self-care than most people do in probably a week.  My routine is I’ll get up and drink a glass of lemon water, then maybe taking a few supplements based on my genetic profile, and then I’ll do an affirmation. Then I will go and do some exercises for my posture. I may do a bio-mat, a swinging machine I use for my lymphatic system, or I’ll go for a walk or a swim. I’ll have a glass of bone broth, or some juice.

That’s kind of my rockstar morning. I probably start my morning that way 4 or 5 times a week. I intentionally try to not have meetings every single morning at 7:30. Then I go about my day and take care of my clients, have a lunch meeting with a friend, walk my dogs.

Yeah, this is all part of my self-care.


How does taking care of yourself like that tie into your intuition?

Oh gosh, I think it’s such a big deal to really listen. I just went through the 23andMe genetic counseling. What they do is look where you may have some hiccups in your genes, but I had intuitively known that because I’ve listened! If I eat this food, and I don’t feel great from it, I am tuning in— to how I feel when I am around people, to the food I am eating, to how I feel with a song I am listening to.

So I use my intuition so much and I don’t think I realized how much I used it until I looked at my genetic results. I knew I didn’t respond well to alcohol. I knew I didn’t respond well to taking NSAIDs. Not because I had a bad reaction, but I just knew it intuitively.

So, I think people should really just quit listening to everybody else about their body. Take that as guidance, but don’t take that as fact for your body. Use your health practitioners as guides. I don’t know what is best for you, but I can definitely nudge you and guide you, and encourage you to tune in and listen.


You define wellness as the “approach of mind, body and spirit.” What have you learned most about the power of energy and belief?

That your body-mind-spirit is the most amazing tool, machine, car, computer— whatever you want to call it– people take it for granted.

They value sometimes more their vehicle, Mac computer, or iPhone than they value themselves.  I think we have to put ourselves in the equation more.


What about your injury? When you broke your pelvis, what’s the biggest lesson you learned about your body and the power of belief?

Showing up. Showing up for yourself, and taking that time. It’s easy for me to show up for somebody else. But I had to really turn that on myself, and then allow other people to show up for me.

And taking time. I learned so much. I think I had the odds in my favor, because I was moving, I was grateful, I was fueling my body right. I was tuned in.

I learned to really show up for myself.


Do you believe that abundance and wellness are connected, and if so, how?

God, I’ve never been asked that, Mo. That’s a great question.

I do believe they are connected because I think it is hard to feel abundant without feeling happy in your mind-body-spirit. And once again, when I see the word “well-being” and “happiness,” they mean the same thing to me.

Without a doubt. I don’t think you can feel abundant without feeling healthy.


What are some small changes anyone can make that will put them on a path to wellness and make a noticeable difference in their quality of life.

This is so simple, but it’s probably in the top 5 that people pick when I travel across the country.

Drink water! It is so stinkin’ simple, but people don’t do it. Drinking water is huge.

I think checking in with your body. Ask yourself, “You know what, I had that broccoli. How do I feel? I had that coffee. How do I feel?” I think that is a big-small change. Just really, really trust yourself.

Also, having food before you have alcohol or caffeine.

Here’s another big one: chew your food! Think about how you chew food and absorb life. Are you just surfacing through it; are you just really not even tapping in and not really tasting it?


What’s the message you wish people would hear. What is the most important thing you wish people knew?

Well, let me ask you: do you have a budget for your wellness?

I don’t!

I would say where you invest your time and energy is what’s important to you. My second budget item is my well-being, right there by my groceries. My groceries are probably number 3.

I want people to know that you either invest as you go or your body sends you a big bill later.



Mo: Well, that’s all my questions.

Michelle: Oh, Gosh you are amazing, Mo!

Mo: I think you are amazing! I love this, because I think it’s so important. You are doing so much for people. You are really a healer.

Michelle: I am just trying to encourage people to love themselves enough to care of themselves.

Mo: You are doing it, though.

Michelle: Thank you, Mo.

Mo: Thank you!